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White and Wool
so Warm, so Cool

collection's heartthe Heart of my collection
I wish to go back to simplicity in my collection. Therefore the Heart of my Collection will remain the same all year around. The rest of the collection will come from the demand and desires of every woman, my inspiration, the weather, aso... I can make this happen because everything is handmade here in Belgium. Ortensia will surprise you every time again with new articles!

100% natural fibres100% natural fibres
Ortensia chooses natural materials. The fibres I use come from surrounding countries, not too far away.
I believe that they will be the most convenient to keep us warm ...
The cotton used for the dresses is off-white, and will become whiter and whiter the more you wash them.
My cotton is not dyed and is therefore better for the environment and mother nature.

Every piece is handmade by women who live here. Every piece is unique: the threads used to crochet change every time, the model and the finishing details are always different.
A dress or a warm-up from Ortensia is different, because it has a human dimension to it.
Just try it out and you will be convinced.

made in belgiumMade in Belgium
I feel the need to do my thing here in Belgium with women in my surroundings.
In a world where overconsumption and global trading are king, I wish to go back to simple, natural & local things.
In a world where all labour is relocated to a cheaper labour market, it is time to produce here again.