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My story

Ingrid De Houwer

Ingrid De Houwer, Fashion Designer
I live in Brussels, and I love my city.
I've been working for more than 25 years for different companies, but I never found my place.
A little more than a year ago I decided to give myself a break and to give my life a new direction.
I followed 3 trainings and decided to do my own thing. Ortensia's first collection started to bloom.
I must admit that making clothes and crochet have always been a part of my life. I'm good at it. I enjoy working with natural materials. I feel that this is what I must do!
All my life I have been following my fundamental values:

Ortensia's collection...

White cotton
The white dresses, skirts... are everlasting and so feminine. Their cut is simple. The white is pure, brings out the beauty in every woman, and gives her a nice complexion. White cotton is natural, not dyed and therefore ecological; it allows the body to breath, and is easy to take care of. White never goes out of fashion. The dresses are worn on the skin or above a basic T-shirt on colder days , they can be worn during the day or at night.
Ortensia's warm-ups are handmade (crochet). They warm up every woman and combine perfectly with the dresses... so feminine.
The wool, cotton, silk, linen, aso... used for the warm-ups are mixed together when crocheted. Their shades are inspired from the colors of the sea. Every Warm-Up from Ortensia is UNIQUE
Ortensia's dresses and warm-ups worn together give a feeling of fluffiness, both when you feel them and when you wear them. They give every woman an everlasting & different look...